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Best Internet Casinos for Let 'Em Ride

Let 'Em Ride has recently become an extremely popular casino game because of its similarity to Texas Hold'em and its progressive jackpots that reach high into the six figures. All of the online casinos have added Let 'Em Ride (also known as Let it Ride), but some casinos have better games than the rest. This page ranks the best online casinos for Let 'Em Ride:

Rank Online Casino Bonus Get Started
#1 Bodog Casino Casino Up to $5,000 » Visit Site
#2 Bovada Casino  Bovada Casino Up to $500 » Visit Site
#3 Lucky Red Casino Lucky Red Casino Up to $4,000 » Visit Site

*The progressive jackpots listed in the table were the jackpot sizes at the time of creating this page. The progressive jackpots at each casino will have changed by now.

How We Rated the Let 'Em Ride Casinos

Now we will explain how we chose these online casinos for our Let 'Em Ride top list:

Progressive Jackpots

Almost everyone who plays Let 'Em Ride is focused on hitting the huge progressive jackpot, so we made sure that each casino on our Let 'Em Ride top list offered big progressive jackpots. Each of the three Let 'Em Ride casinos on this list currently offer jackpots that are at least $75,000, and rising.

Quick Game Play

The three casinos on this list really excel at dealing a quick game with minimal distractions. As soon as a hand is over, you can start the next one as fast as you can click the Deal button. This is quite a relief, as most Let 'Em Ride online games have huge delays between hands that ruin the flow and make the experience quite boring.

More Let 'Em Ride Info

Let 'Em Ride TableLet 'Em Ride looks like a poker game, but it actually plays more like video poker because players simply try to make the best hand possible - they aren't trying to beat the dealer. If your final hand is good enough you will receive a payout that is determined by the game's pay table.

Each player antes up and is then dealt three face up cards and two face down cards. Players then have the choice to Raise or Continue. If you Raise you place an additional bet down, or if you Continue you don't place another bet.

Either way, the fourth card is revealed. Once again, you have the choice to Raise or Continue, and then the fifth card is revealed. If your final five card poker hand is a pair of tens or better you will receive a payout.

Inside Let 'Em Ride Tip - You should only Raise when you have a strong hand. If you have a pair of tens on the third or fourth card you should definitely Raise, as you are guaranteed a winning hand. Suited cards that are ten or above are also worth a raise because there are so many ways the hand can improve.

Let 'Em Ride may be slightly confusing for a new player, so we have a page that explains the full rules of Let 'Em Ride and also has a free flash game so you can practice. Also, make sure to read our Let it Ride strategy guide.

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