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How to Play Keno

Keno NumbersKeno is a lottery-style game where the goal is to correctly guess which numbers will be picked in a random drawing. The game can be found all over the place – in casinos, restaurants, bars, convenience stores, and more.

The popularity of Keno lies in its low cost to play, potentially massive payouts, and leisurely pace. It’s convenient because it can be played almost anywhere, even over breakfast, and it’s much simpler than many other casino games.

Free Keno Game

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Keno Rules

A typical game of Keno is played by purchasing a Keno card on which 80 numbers are listed in eight rows of ten. Once you get your Keno card, you pick anywhere from one to twenty numbers and then turn in your ticket to the game operators. Video Keno works the same way except you don’t have to deal with physical cards.

The number of picks you select will determine the payouts you receive. Payouts vary by location but the more picks you attempt and get correct, the more money you make. The number of picks you attempt are called “spots.” If you guess five numbers, you are said to be playing a “Five Spot.”

After all the players have made their picks, twenty numbers are selected at random, either by a computer or by selecting numbered balls at random from a large machine. If any of the numbers match the ones you selected on your card, you will be paid according to that venue’s pay table.

If you pick five numbers and get three of those correct, you might be paid $20 on a $1 bet but if you get all five correct, you might be paid $200 on a $1 bet. Some casinos also offer progressive jackpots for players who guess 10 or 20 numbers correctly. The likelihood of doing so is incredibly low but the payouts for doing so often exceed $100,000.

The one major drawback to Keno is that it has a high house advantage. Typical Keno games return less than 80% of the money wagered.

Even so, Keno remains a popular game because it is so cheap and easy to play. The chance to win several thousand dollars while playing in a relaxed Keno lounge is worth the cost of the ticket. Everyone knows the casino has an advantage but when it’s just a dollar, it’s cheaper than most forms of entertainment.

Keno Strategy

Keno players have a variety of strategies they use in the hopes of improving their odds but the game is ultimately based on chance and nothing else. The numbers are picked at random so there’s nothing you can do to improve your chances of guessing correctly.

The one thing you can do to improve your luck is to find Keno games that offer high payouts and large progressive jackpots. Online Keno often offers the highest payouts so if you’re looking to stretch your money the farthest, online keno is worth a look. Learn more about keno strategy and myths.

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