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How to Play Casino Games

Casino GamesWith literally thousands of casino games out there, it is no easy task to pick just one game to begin playing. Since many of our visitors are first time casino players, we have provided the below guides which will teach you how to play the most common casino games.

Click the game you are interested in to learn the rules, and also make sure to check out the free flash games at the bottom of each page. You can actually play for free to quickly learn the game online.

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Different Types of Casino Games

All games fall into one of four categories: table games, slot machines, video poker machines, or lottery games.

Table Games

Table games include any casino game that is played on a table. Table games can be dice games like craps, card games like blackjack online, or even wheel games like roulette. Typically table games have smaller payouts but more frequent wins, but some table games (such as Caribbean Stud) may offer huge progressive payouts.

Table games are usually a little more complicated than slot machines, and almost always require more strategy. Table games are great for a player looking for a challenge. Games like Blackjack can be reduced to a 0.5% house edge with perfect strategy, but games like Caribbean Stud usually have a much larger house edge.

Slot Machines

Another type of casino game is the slot machine. Slot machines are very simple to play - all you do is put your money in, pull a reel, and hope that the wheels line up in the correct order for a big payout. There is no strategy involved, and the house edge is usually at least 5%.

New players love slot machines because they are super simple, and really require no thinking at all. Also, progressive slot machines offer jackpots in the six to eight figure range, so these games can really be life changing.

Video Poker Machines

The third type of casino game is the video poker machine. There are hundreds of different video poker machines, but all of them are played on a terminal, and all of them follow the same basic format: deal the player a hand, the player chooses which cards to keep and which to draw, the player receives their new cards, and if their final hand is strong they win.

Video poker machines require a ton of strategy and thinking to play perfectly, but if you do play perfectly you can reduce the house edge to 0% or even turn the game in your favor. Most players, however, make enough mistakes that the game has a house edge of 2-5%.

Lottery Games

The final major type of casino game is the lottery game. Lottery games include games like Keno and Scratch Off Cards. You usually end up picking numbers and hoping that the random drawing matches up with your numbers. Multiple players play lottery games at once, and there is rarely a major winner. However, the payouts are huge if you do hit it big.