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Keno Tips

KenoKeno is a lottery style game that gives players the chance to win hundreds of thousands of dollars on one ticket.

Keno is a game of chance, and unfortunately players can only take a few small steps to improve their odds at Keno. This article is going to explain how to improve your odds at Keno, and will also dispel some common Keno myths. Plus, we explain why it is rarely a good idea to pick eleven or more numbers if you want a jackpot.

What Numbers Should I Choose?

The most common question asked by Keno players is "what numbers should I choose?" Unfortunately, all of the Keno numbers have an exactly equal chance of coming up, so the numbers you choose are completely irrelevant. Many players like to pick their Keno numbers using the following tactics:

  • Their birthday, or a friend/relative's birthday
  • Pick numbers that haven't hit recently
  • Use the "Quick Pick" function to pick numbers automatically
  • Use their lucky numbers from a fortune cookie or horoscope

As I said before, it doesn't matter what numbers you pick, so have fun with it. Picking 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 has just as much chance of hitting ten numbers than picking ten spaced out numbers. I personally recommend using the Quick Pick function as it is quick and easy. For more information on playing Keno and picking numbers, learn how to play Keno.

Evaluate the Payouts

One way that you can improve your Keno odds is to evaluate the pay table for the game, and then decide how many numbers to pick. This gets into some pretty advanced math, so we recommend checking out this guide for calculating keno payouts.

Basically, when you play Keno it is more profitable to pick X or XX amount of numbers. Because the payouts vary based on how many numbers you choose, you can evaluate the expected returns for each outcome and determine which amount of numbers is best.

How to Win a Keno Jackpot

If your main goal in Keno is to hit the monster jackpot, we recommend taking a very close look at the pay table. Often times, you only need to pick ten numbers to have a shot at the jackpot. When you pick eleven or more numbers, you still can only win the maximum jackpot. Because of this, we recommend picking ten numbers as it is much easier to hit 10/10 numbers and win the jackpot than to hit 13/13 or 15/15 numbers.

Common Keno Myths

Now we will discuss some of the more common Keno myths out there:

Corner Numbers Hit More Often

Some players seem to think that corner numbers on the Keno board hit more often than middle numbers. This is 100% false, as every number has the same chance of hitting.

Numbers Never Hit on Back to Back Games

This is also false. Numbers that came up last game have the same chance of hitting this game as numbers that didn't hit last game. In fact, there is the same chance of every single number repeating as there is of all new numbers hitting.

The Quick Pick is Rigged

Some players feel that if they use the Quick Pick feature, the computer will make sure to select numbers that will lose. However, this rumor is false because no one (not even the computer) knows what numbers will come up until the game is over.

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Now that you know more about Keno, it may be time to start playing. If you're interested in playing Keno online, check out our picks for the best online Keno casinos.

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