Legal California Online Casinos

California casino players are anxiously awaiting the pending SB1485 (California Online Poker Law Enforcement Compliance & Consumer Protection Act 2010). This bill will legalize intrastate gambling in California, which means that California casino players will finally be able to legally play casino games online. The bill was introduced with the intention to provide the government with an additional source of revenue they otherwise didn't have, which of course will assist with the state's current debt load.

The casinos you see listed on this page accept all players from the state of California. Each casino accepts players from the state of California and are fully licensed and regulated. In fact, all of them submit to random testing from an accredited facility to ensure that every game is fair and random. Each of the California online casinos allow free and real money gaming, with payment processors in place to accept payments from all US players. If you have any questions about the casinos featured on this page please feel free to contact us.

Legal Casinos for California Players

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The bill is still in its early stages and will need to be voted on first before the state will open up online gambling. State Senator Rod Wright (D-Inglewood) is making an attempt to get this bill signed as soon as possible. That said, if you live in the state of California you can still choose to play at online casino. Just because the bill hasn't passed yet doesn't make online gambling illegal. In fact there is no law currently in place that says playing at an online casino from California is illegal.

The California SB 1485 - Legalizing Online Gambling in the State of California
The California Online Poker Law Enforcement Compliance and Consumer Protection Act 2010 is the newest bill to be submitted to the California State Senate from State Senator Rod Wright (D-Inglewood). This bill would essentially legalize online gambling in the state of California and would be the first time intrastate gambling was approved. What makes this bill so interesting is that it will override the current regulations in place from the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This means that Californians will be able to gamble at an online casino with real and play money, without any interference from the UIGEA.
Senator Wright's bill proposes that the state allow intrastate online gambling and would allow the state to accept bids for three online casinos that would be legally licensed within the state of California. These casinos would operate under a California gaming license and would submit 20% of their gross revenue to the state, which of course would help with the current deficit. The bill was introduced after a number of studies were conducted which showed that roughly 1.5 million players from the state of California gamble regularly. By legalizing online casinos in California, the state will be better prepared to protect players by monitoring for fraud, fair gaming and protect minors from being able to play at an online casino. Any company that wins their bid for a state license will hold a contract with the state for a five year term.

How Will Legal California Casinos Override the UIGEA?
When the UIGEA was passed and signed, it forced the banks and financial institutions from being able to process gaming payments to the online casinos. It didn't make it illegal to play at an online casino, only hindered the payment processors from being able to process payment effectively. Although the UIGEA effects all players from the United States, the law could be null and void if one of the states legalizes online gambling. The UIGEA does not consider intrastate gambling as illegal internet gambling. This is where one of the loopholes is. Once California makes it legal to gambling online, the UIGEA will no longer play a role for California casino players.