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Casino VIP Programs

VIP ProgramsVirtually every Internet casino offers some sort of VIP or rewards program to help retain players and reward loyal customers. These programs (in addition to casino bonuses) allow players to feel like they are special and appreciated. This page is going to discuss online casino rewards programs, and will cover topics such as how to enroll, what kind of rewards you can expect, and how much you have to play to qualify.

What are Rewards/VIP Programs?

Rewards programs provide players with benefits, cash back, and other prizes for being loyal customers. Some casinos require you to apply, while other casinos automatically enroll every player into their VIP program. Either way, almost every Internet casino allows players to accumulate points as they play real money games. The more points you accumulate, the more rewards you earn.

How to Earn Points

As you play you will accumulate VIP points that determine your level of rewards and comps. Every time you play a real money game you will rack up points, but some games earn you more points than others. As a general rule, games with higher house edges (slots, keno, or scratch off cards) will provide you with more points per dollar wagered, while games with lower house edges (blackjack, video poker, etc) will earn you less points per dollar wagered.

What to Expect

As you earn points you will start to earn comps and rewards. Most casinos provide rewards in the form of cash-back or exclusive sign up bonuses. For example, at Bovada Casino new players earn exclusive sign up bonuses at the start of their career, and progress to up to 25% cash back as they climb the nine-level VIP system. Also, high volume players are allowed to play at high roller's tables with bigger betting limits.

The "level" system is pretty common for online casino reward programs. Most casinos use a five to ten level system that offers better rewards and cash-back percentages as you climb higher. Also, as you reach higher levels you will earn points even faster just for being an upper level VIP. This makes it much easier for casual players to attain a nice VIP level.

Automated Rewards Programs

Some Internet casinos run "exclusive" VIP programs only for high rollers, while others open their program up to all players. Exclusive programs might offer slightly better benefits, but we prefer casinos that let all of their players earn rewards. If you would like to play at a casino that has an automated rewards program, make sure to check out one of the following sites:

Internet Rewards vs. Live Rewards

In our experience we have found that live casinos provide slightly more valuable rewards than online casinos. However, it is hard to compare the two because online rewards are totally different from live rewards. Online players are privy to sign up bonuses and cash back, while live players usually receive rewards such as hotel rooms and free meals.

We always recommend that players seeking a social experience head to a live casino, as you are guaranteed to meet more people and have more fun than playing at an online casino. Also, live casinos tend to offer a wider variety of rewards including free tickets to concerts or performances, free upgrades to VIP suites in the hotel, or even luxurious getaway trips.

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