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Linux Friendly Internet Casinos

Linux is an operating system that is an alternative to Windows. There aren't any casinos that offer a Linux compatible program, because not that many people choose to use Linux. However, we know that Linux users love the freedom of their open source software, and luckily there are three ways you can play at an online casino on a Linux computer. We review each method later, but for now here is our top list of the best online Linux casinos:

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#1 Bodog Casino Casino Up to $5,000 » Visit Site
#2 Bovada Casino  Bovada Casino Up to $500 » Visit Site
#3 Lucky Red Casino Lucky Red Casino Up to $4,000 » Visit Site

Each casino above will work just fine on a Linux computer, as long as you follow the instructions listed below. Also, each Linux-compatible casino offers a sign up bonus to encourage you to sign up and play. By using the blue links above, you automatically qualify for each respective sign up bonus at the Linux casinos.

How to Play at an Online Casino on a Linux Computer

LinuxAs I mentioned before, there are three options for playing at an online casino on a Linux computer. The options (ranging from easy to hard) are to use a casino's instant play version, to install Wine on your Linux computer, or to install Windows on your Linux computer. We will go over each option now so you can make your own decision:

Instant Play Casinos

The simplest method for playing casino games on a Linux computer is to use a casino's "instant-play" version. All online casinos offer two forms of their casino: the instant play casino and the fully downloadable casino. If you choose to use the instant play casino, you don't have to download any software - you play the games in your Internet browser.

Unless you are completely set on using the fully downloadable casino software, we highly suggest using the instant play casino software as it is by far the simplest option. To get started, we recommend visiting as they have the best instant casino.

Five Steps for Installing Wine

Wine is a program developed to allow Linux users to run .exe files on their computer. These .exe files are Windows-specific, but by using Wine you can run them on your Linux computer. This allows you to download the full software from any casino of your choice, and play it locally on your computer. Here are the instructions for installing Wine:

#1 - Download Wine

The first step is to download the Wine software by using this link. Choose the appropriate software package for your computer and download the package.

#2 - Install Wine

Now you have to use WineTools to install and setup the Wine program. Also, you need to install the Windows system programs as well as the TrueType core fonts.

#3 - Download a Casino

Now you need to download a casino's software. We recommend downloading the Bovada Casino software because their program runs will on Linux computers. To do this, visit and click "download our casino software". Once you click the download link, a box will pop up asking if you would like to save "Smartdownload.exe" - click yes.

#4 - Install the Casino

Now that you have downloaded the software, you need to install it. To do this, you need to run the command that will start the installation. For the Bovada Casino file, the command is wine /tmp/Smartdownload.exe (if you downloaded a different casino, change the last portion of the command as necessary).

The installation will now start, and you simply have to click "Next" until it is done. NOTE - make sure you are installing the casino to your C:\ drive.

#5 - Reboot Wine

You are almost there. Reboot wine by using the command wineboot, and now you can use your casino software and start playing.

Installing Windows

The final option Linux players have for downloading a .exe casino is to install Windows onto your Linux computer. This gets really complicated and is beyond the scope of our website, so we recommend visiting to learn how to dual-boot Windows and Linux.

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