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How to Choose an Internet Casino

Casino Review CriteriaIf you are a new to Internet casinos, you are probably overwhelmed by the thousands of choices out there. Each Internet casino claims to offer the widest selection of games, the best graphics, the biggest sign up bonus, and the most deposit/withdrawal options.

Since each casino is dying to have your business, sometimes they may slightly embellish their offerings to help lure you in. By using our guide below, you can make sure that the casino you pick is safe, offers good games, and has a nice sign up bonus/rewards program.

What to Avoid

AvoidWe are going to start this article by discussing what you should always avoid while picking an Internet casino. As I mentioned before, some casinos will lie or avoid disclosing some of the less appealing aspects of their business to help lure players in.

Brand New Casinos

Although there are some great casinos out there that are fairly new (think Rushmore or Cherry Red), we recommend avoiding brand new casinos. If the casino you are looking at just launched in the past few days, and you cannot find any information about them online, there is a good chance that they are a rogue casino and are trying to steal your money.

If the casino is new but has tons of positive reviews online, then they are probably a safe bet.

Locked Bonuses

Some casinos offer very deceptive bonus packages. At most online casinos, you can deposit your money, attempt to clear the bonus, and if you don't clear it, you can withdraw your deposit money and move on. However, some casinos have small print that says you cannot withdraw any money until your bonus is complete.

This is in effect stealing your money if the bonus is too hard to clear. Make sure to avoid this.

Poor Odds

Many casinos offer poorer odds on their games to increase the house edge. When you are researching online casinos, make sure they offer European Roulette instead of American, pay out 3:2 for blackjacks, and offer fair tables for video poker games.

What to Look For

Look ForHere are a few positive things you should always look for while choosing a casino:

USA Friendly

If you are in the USA, you obviously have to find a casino that accepts USA players for real money wagers. Some of the best USA friendly casinos include Win Palace and Bovada Casino.

Another thing to look for is that the casino accepts players from all fifty-two states. Some casinos only accept certain states due to various state-wide laws, so make sure that the casino of your choice accepts players from your state.

Deposit/Withdrawal Options

Another factor you should look for is a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options. Most casinos offer tons of way for you to deposit, but only the best also have plenty of methods for withdrawal. The worst feeling in the world is hitting a big score, and then realizing you have no way to withdraw your winnings.

Game Variety

In this day and age, you really should play at a casino with the latest software and games. There have been so many technological advances in the past few years that the new casinos offer an experience that is 1,000 times better than the older Internet casinos.

We recommend playing at a casino with at least 100 games. Also, if you play at a casino that is developed by either Real Time Gaming, PlayTech, or Microgaming, you are guaranteed to have an outstanding visual and audile experience.

We recommend Go Casino, as they are USA friendly, have plenty of deposit/withdrawal options, and have a wide selection of games with great graphics.

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