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Craps TableIf you are a new craps player, you might have a hard time figuring out the best possible craps strategy. With so many bets on the table, it may seem like a combination of certain bets would lead to the maximum return.

However, that is not the case. The best way to win at craps is to take a simple approach and choose the bet with the lowest house edge. This article will show you what bet has the lowest house edge, and we will also discuss bankroll management and other tips for winning at craps.

Craps Bets

As we mentioned before, the best craps strategy is simply to put your money on the best bet. The "best bet" is the one with the lowest house edge. You can easily calculate the house edge on each bet by comparing the payout to the likelihood that you will win. We've done all the math for you, so check out the house edges for the best craps bets below:

Bet House Edge
Pass Line 1.41%
Don't Pass Line 1.4%
Come Bet 1.41%
Don't Come Bet 1.4%

The rest of the craps bets are poorer propositions. By looking at the numbers above, we can see that the don't pass line and the don't come bets are the best, carrying a house edge of only 1.4%. That means for every dollar you place on those bets, you will receive $0.986 back. Not too bad considering that most slot machines carry a house edge of 10% or more.

Laying the Odds

Now we know how to get the house edge to 1.4%, but wouldn't you love to know how to reduce the house edge even further? There's a technique you can use that reduces the house edge down to 0.01%, and it is called "laying the odds"*.

*If you aren't sure what "laying the odds" means, make sure to read our "Craps Rules" article before reading on.

If you make a don't pass line bet, you have the option of "laying the odds", which means you increase your bet that a seven will be rolled. Some casinos don't allow players to lay the odds, while other casinos allow you to lay the odds up to 100x your don't pass line bet.

If you lay the odds 100x your original don't pass line bet, the house edge is reduced to 0.01%. Laying the odds is an even money wager, so the more money you put on it, the closer your bet is to an even money proposition.

Bankroll Management for Craps Players

Another important craps strategy topic is that of bankroll management. You should always keep a big enough bankroll that you can play craps for as long as you have planned. For example, if you are going to Las Vegas for a weekend to play craps, you need to bring enough money to last the whole trip. Even though you might get lucky and win, you still need to sustain any long losing streaks that may come up.

We recommend keeping at least fifty of your total bets on hand at all times. So, if you are making $10 bets and expect to play for a while, keep at least $500 at the table. Even though you aren't likely to have a fifty bet down swing, you never want to bust.

Ready to Play?

If you are ready use our craps strategies at the table, make sure to check out our list of the best Internet craps casinos. Or, if you want to start playing right away, head over to - they allow you to lay odds up to 3x your bet!

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