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Best Internet Casinos for Roulette

Roulette is a simple yet thrilling casino game that can be found at almost every single Internet casino. Although most casinos offer roulette, some online roulette casinos are much better than the rest. We recommend playing European roulette games, because they offer much better odds than the American version of the game. These casinos all offer European roulette tables, along with great customer service, big sign up bonuses, and various deposit options:

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As you can see, each of the online roulette casinos above offer European wheels, which significantly reduce the house edge compared to American wheels.

How We Rated the Roulette Casinos

Now we will list the criteria we used to rate the best roulette casinos:

European Roulette Tables

It was an absolute must that each roulette casino offered European roulette tables. In case you don't know, European tables have a much lower house edge than American roulette tables, so if the casino only offered American they were immediately trimmed from the list. Visit this site to find out which casinos offer ipad roulette app for real money.

For your information, the house edge at a European table is 2.63% while the American table carries a 5.26% house edge.

Enlarged Wheel Feature

Each online roulette casino in the list above offers the enlarged wheel feature, which shows an expanded view of the wheel and ball in the top right corner of the screen. This makes it much easier to see what number was hit without squinting at the screen.

Recent Numbers Board

All of the casinos above also offer the recent numbers board, which shows the last dozen numbers that were hit. If you are using a gambling system that takes into account previous numbers, this will help you make the correct bets without writing down every spin.

Smooth Game Play

The next aspect we evaluated was to check if the casino's roulette games were smooth, fast, and glitch free. Nothing is more annoying than a roulette table with a jerky wheel that delays action and makes you wait in suspense while the software catches up.

Another important aspect was the time between spins. We like to play fast, so we gave props to casinos that had no delay at all in between spins. This lets you play the most spins per hour, and will cut down on annoying delays.

More Roulette Info

Roulette WheelRoulette is a popular table game that combines a spinning wheel and a small ball to create a thrilling experience for the player. Players can place their bets on any of the thirty-seven or thirty-eight numbers on the wheel (depending on if it is an American or European wheel), and win if the ball happens to fall on their section of the wheel.

The main draw for Roulette players is the fact that you can win up to thirty-six times your bet on a single spin. Also, there are plenty of even money bets that have a better chance of winning and will help your bankroll last a little longer.

Inside Roulette Tip - Always make sure to play European roulette, as it has much better odds than American roulette. European roulette does away with the 00 section, which reduces the house edge significantly on every single bet on the table. The best roulette strategy is simply to bet at a European roulette table.

If you came to this page to learn how to play roulette, or would like a refresher on the game before you get started, make sure to read our full roulette rules page. For more information about online roulette, including additional roulette casino reviews, visit this online roulette site.

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