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Best Internet Casinos for Craps

Craps is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and almost every Internet casino offers the game in some fashion. We have evaluated all of our favorite online casinos to see who offers the best craps tables, and compiled the casinos into the top list below. If you sign up at any of the casinos below, you can expect to play the best craps games available:

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The "Odds Bet" is a bet you can make at the craps table that reduces the house edge on pass line or don't pass line bets. The higher the odds bet, the lower the house edge (if you choose to take or lay the odds).

How We Rated the Craps Casinos

Now we will explain the criteria we used to rank the casinos for playing craps online:

Max Odds

The most important feature of a good craps casino is that they offer maximum odds. The casinos above offer either 2x odds or 3x odds, which allow you to reduce the house edge significantly. Some live casinos offer up to 100x odds, but that is never found online. Learn more about taking and laying the odds by reading our craps strategy guide.

Enlarged Dice

Each of the casinos on our list offered the enlarged dice feature. This means that when you roll the virtual dice, you not only see them on the table, but also see them in a blown up box on a corner of the table. The blown up box helps players easily see what numbers they have rolled, because the virtual dice on the table are small and hard to read.

Any casinos that did not offer the enlarged dice feature were instantly cut from our top list.

Smooth Game Play

The next factor we evaluated was to make sure the casinos' craps tables had smooth game play and animation. One of the most annoying things for online craps players is when you roll the dice, they are flying through the air, and all of a sudden the software gets jerky and glitches before pausing and finally producing the roll's result.

If you play craps at any of the three casinos listed above you are guaranteed to have smooth rolls and speedy game play.

More Craps Info

Craps TableCraps is the most popular dice game in any casino, online or offline. The game is extremely thrilling because up to twenty players can play at one table, and almost all of them will be hoping for the same numbers. This helps build a camaraderie at the table and makes the game really fun.

The goal of craps is to roll certain numbers in certain situations. There are an almost endless amount of bets and rolls that can be made, and we cover them all at our full Craps rules page. Or, if you would like to practice playing craps, check out this free craps game.

Inside Craps Tip - The Pass Line bet is the simplest bet in the game, and also offers some of the best odds on the craps table. We recommend that new players stick with the Pass Line to keep the game simple and fun.

If you are playing craps to enjoy yourself, we recommend heading to a live casino. Although online casinos offer the same odds and actually allow you better privacy and comfort, you will probably enjoy the social experience at the live casino much more. Either way, good luck!

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