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Best Casinos for Specific Games

Casino RankingsMany casino players start out by trying a bunch of games, and eventually zero in on one or two games they really like. Once you have figured out what casino game is your favorite, your next step is to find the best online casino for playing that specific game.

Check out the guides below for choosing the best possible casino for playing certain games. We have evaluated all of the major Internet casinos to decide which sites offer the best craps games, slot machines, roulette tables, and much much more.

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How We Determined Our Rankings

Many of our visitors have emailed us asking how we determined which casino was best for each game, so we have listed our criteria here. There were basically four factors that went into evaluating each casino:

Overall Casino Reputation

The first thing we considered was the casino's overall reputation. Even if a casino has outstanding craps tables, it means nothing if they are known to be a crooked casino who won't process player cash outs. All of the casinos on our lists are reputable, safe, and fair.

Game Selection

The next thing we evaluated was the variety in which they offered the specific game. For example, we expect roulette games to be offered in the American as well as the European variety, and video poker games to be offered in single as well as multi hand machines.

Game Play and Graphics

Of course we took into account the overall playability and aesthetic appeal of the games, as that is very important to some players. If a game had sub-par graphics or jittery game play, it lost points in this category.


The final factor we took into account was the payouts for the specific game. For example, video poker machines should offer full pay return tables, roulette tables should have the option of playing a European version, and blackjack should pay out 3:2 for a blackjack.

After compiling all of that information, we were able to create our game specific top lists.