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The D'Alembert System

Roulette WheelThe D'Alembert System was specifically crafted for roulette players making even money bets such as red/black, but can also be used by craps players making pass line bets. The strategy behind the D'Alembert system is to increase your bet after a loss, and decrease your bet after a win.

The supposed logic behind the D'Alembert system is that after a win you are more likely to lose, and after a loss you are more likely to win. However, as we all should know by now, each spin of the roulette wheel is an independent event. The last spin has no effect on the present spin, which has no effect on the next spin whatsoever. That fact completely discounts the D'Alembert system.

However, if you would still like to learn the D'Alembert system and how to use it, read on.

How to Use the D'Alembert System

To use the D'Alembert system you have to select an even money bet such as red/black on roulette or the pass line on craps. Next, decide on a bet size. To keep things simple, let's imagine we're using $10 bets and wagering on red at the roulette table. Here is a chart showing how the game would work out given a sample of spins:

Bet Sequence Bet Size Result Overall Win/Loss
First Bet $10 Loss ($10)
Second Bet $11 Win $1
Third Bet $10 Win $11
Fourth Bet $9 Loss $2
Fifth Bet $10 Loss ($8)
Sixth Bet $11 Loss ($19)
Seventh Bet $12 Loss ($31)
Eight Bet $13 Win ($18)
Ninth Bet $12 Loss ($30)
Tenth Bet $13 Win ($17)

In this example, the player won four bets and lost six, and ended up down $17 overall.

The D'Alembert's Effect on Roulette Odds

For those of you interested in how the D'Alembert system effects the house edge on a roulette table, here is your answer: it doesn't. Since you are just making red/black bets of various denominations, the house edge remains at 5.26%.

Although the D'Alembert probably sounded like a great idea way back in the day, nowadays we know that mathematically the D'Alembert system cannot effect your win/loss rate whatsoever. It still can make the game more interesting though, so we aren't discouraging it.

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